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buon viando, Frischfleisch für Hunde und Katzen, Barfen


buon viando - fresh raw meat for dogs and cats

buon viando offers a wide range of raw products for a biologically appropriate, healthy and fresh feeding (BARF) of dogs and cats. Our range of products is based on scientific research and feedback from dog owners.

buon viando enables you to feed your cat or dog in a healthy and varied way, offering you raw food in top butcher Swiss quality.

fresh meat for dog and catsThe results of a healthy and fresh diet (BARF) as intended by nature will soon be mirrored in your pet’s vitality, its overall health and regained appetite.

Especially with sick or older pets – or pets with a low immune system - results can be seen quickly. In a many cases, existing allergies or fur problems simply disappear after a short feeding period.



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