B.A.R.F. = a healthy, natural diet

Each species is designed for a certain type of diet by nature. Dogs and cats, like their wild ancestors, are designed for a prey model diet consisting of herbivores. Therefore their dietary system is programmed to digest animal proteins and fats. You do not need a special feeding schedules to provide your pet with a balanced raw diet.

A full spectrum of minerals must be supplied in your pet’s diet in correct balance and sufficient amounts if he is going to remain healthy into advanced old age. Bones are the storehouse of almost all the minerals your pet requires in perfect balance for optimal absorption. In addition, excellent levels of minerals are found in the other components of the BARF DIET.

The BARF DIET does not contain grain products. Grains are not biologically appropriate for our pets. The ingestion of grain and other starchy foods contribute to most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases. Domestic pets should be getting their carbohydrate in a similar manner to their wild ancestors. Natural Fresh fruits and vegetables, in the BARF DIET, provide a natural source of carbohydrates in a more digestible format. Current trends of improving the diets, exercise, health and well being of humans have influenced the way we have improved the feeding regimen for our prized pets.

The results of a healthy, biologically appropriate and fresh diet will soon be mirrored in your pet’s vitality, its overall health and regained appetite.

Especially with sick or older pets that have low immune system, results can be seen quickly. In many cases, existing allergies or fur problems simply disappear after a short feeding period.