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buon viando, Frischfleisch für Hunde und Katzen, Barfen


Olewo Carrot Pellets 1000g Art-Nr. 8010

Great food source to prevent diarrhoea – healthy veggie source.
Is sent via mail or can be picked up in Lucerne.
14,90 CHF
Sales price 15,25 CHF
  • Valuable food for all dogs, rodents, cats and birds. 100% natural product.
    Only 100g of Olewo Carrot Pellets contain as many nutrients as 1 kg of fresh carrots.

    OLEWO Carrot Pellets (which can be used as a replacement of the „Morosche“ carrot soup) can be recommended because it:

    •    Quickly helps eliminate dog diarrhea
    •    Helps relieve constipation in dogs
    •    Provides digestive support while transitioning to new dog food
    •    Helps maintain healthy digestive function
    •    Promotes gut integrity and gut health
    •    Helps prevent and remedy anal glad issues
    •    Acts as a natural intestinal dog wormer
    •    Promotes healthy skin & coat
    •    Strengthens the immune system (great for sport dogs or pregnant/lactating bitches)
    •    Promotes natural defenses against infections
    •    Promotes healthy thyroid function

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