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buon viando, Frischfleisch für Hunde und Katzen, Barfen


Organic Millet Flakes 500g Art-Nr. 8012

Easily digestible, especially for sensitive stomachs.
Is sent via mail or can be picked up in Lucerne.
6,35 CHF
Sales price 6,50 CHF
  • Ideal addition when feeding meat. Great energy source in combination with fruits or vegetables when feeding no meat.
    Millet flakes, which belong to the family of sweet gras, are gluten-free and rich in minerals.
    Millet contains phosphor,sulphur, iron, kalium and magnesium.
    In comparison to grains, millet contains high levels of silicic acid, iron and vitamin B6.

    Actual postage costs will be listed on your invoice.

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