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Organic products

Produkte dieser Kategorie werden immer separat per Post versandt oder können in Luzern abgeholt werden.

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To support kidney function.
Is sent via mail or can be picked up in Lucerne.
4,40 CHF
Product details

Natural possibility to regulate bowel functions and to boost the „good“ intestinal bacteria.
Is sent via mail or can...
12,50 CHF
Product details

Healthy native Organic Coconut Oil which can be fed on a daily basis.
Is sent via mail or can be picked up in...
21,90 CHF
Product details

Supplement which can help in acute cases of bowel disorders (diarrhea and/or after antibiotic treatment).
Is sent via...
51,50 CHF
Product details

Supplement which can help in cases of bowel disorders (diarrhea) to build up a healthy intestinal flora.
Strenghtens the...
51,50 CHF
Product details

Great while travelling or if there simply is no time for preparing fresh veggies.
Is sent via mail or can be picked...
16,80 CHF
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