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buon viando, Frischfleisch für Hunde und Katzen, Barfen


Swiss Bone Meal (horse) 200g / 800g Art-Nr. 8013

Finely ground for dogs/cats that do not want or can not eat bones.
Is sent via mail or can be picked up in Lucerne.
Origin: Switzerland
9,70 CHF
Sales price 9,95 CHF
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  • Our Swiss Bone meal (horse) is dryed and great natural mineral supply.

    Eggshell powder or calcium citrate are only helpfull to a certain extent when replacing bones in a raw diet because both do not have the same mineral composition as bones.

    Therefore we recommend bone meal for a balanced raw diet if you do not feed whole bones.
    Please stick to the feeding recommendations as over dosage may quickly lead to massive constipation.

    Verpackung: 200g im Schraubglas* oder 800g im wiederverschliessbaren Nachfüllbeutel.
    *kann in Luzern nachgefüllt werden

    Feeding recommendation: only 3% of the amount of bones

    Actual postage costs will be listed on your invoice.