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buon viando, Frischfleisch für Hunde und Katzen, Barfen



This is the place where you can find lots of information and tips about the „biologically appropriate raw feeding“( B.A.R.F.) of dogs, interesting background information as well as information about meat and bones. All PDF files can be downloaded or printed directly!

Always pay attention to your meat's origin!

Not all meat labeled 'Swiss meat' or 'Meat from Switzerland' comes from Swiss livestock farming.

Some meat processing companies buy cheaper meat from other countries and still label their products 'Swiss meat' or 'Meat from Switzerland'.

Even in countries like Germany, factory farming seems to be more or less normal!

Take a look at this list: pet food tested on animals!

Interesting articles

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The healthy BARF treat

Our already cooked Swiss chicken chunks are the ideal treat for training, tracking and clicker training.

They are already cut into small pieces. Unlike sausages and co., they do not make your dog thirsty.

Just defreeze – ready!

Swiss chicken chunks, cooked, article-no. 0310

Or you bake the Swiss chicken chunks in your oven and create dry food – ideal for travelling, a healthy snack or treat.

How to bake chicken chunks? How to bake chicken chunks? (pdf)

Important information about feeding bones

Important information about feeding bones Feeding bones (pdf)

BARF booklets (in German)

BARF booklets (in German) can be ordered here: Online-Shop"

Booklets for puppies, adult dogs & senior dogs by Swanie Simon

BARF Broschüre Welpen

Suggested reading!

Written by a veterinarian (!), this books informs about the risks of industrial dog food, absurd vaccination practices and so on. (in German only!)

Written by Jutta Ziegler

Bake yourself dog cookies