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buon viando, Frischfleisch für Hunde und Katzen, Barfen

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Swiss beef innards meat (roll à 250g) Art-Nr. 0130

Well balanced innards mixture (40% liver, 30% kidney, 15% heart, 15% lung.
Origin: mainly canton of BE
2,10 CHF
Sales price 2,15 CHF
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  • Valuable source of vitamins, minced meat in a small roll.
    Well-balanced mixture (40% liver, 30% kidney, 15% heart and 15% lung).

    Analysis: protein 17,6%, crude fibre 0,6%, crude 1,3%, fat 3,9%

    Approximately 15 % of meat fed in a raw diet should be made of innards.

    Origin: canton BE

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